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            November 21, 2018
            When I first got my braces I was not super happy about getting them, but at Schmidt and Bruce orthodontist I had a great four year's here with them because every one here is so nice and fun they are also great people and they make everything fun.
            -- Ayla Mccormick
            November 21, 2018
            I had a pleasurable enough experience. I would guess that in terms of dental care it's nothing out of the ordinary, but the people here are very nice and friendly.
            -- aMon'kie
            November 21, 2018
            -- M Kerner
            November 21, 2018
            My teeth would have never been straight without the help from Bruce and the wonderful Lady's that put on my braces. Great job to the staff here that made my teeth straight. THANKS!
            -- BRADLY JOCHEM
            November 21, 2018
            We we visiting the beautiful North woods when my son ran out of rubber bands for his braces. We called around and the staff at Schmidt and Bruce Ortho were able to help us! We stopped in and the staff were so kind and friendly and gave us the exact rubber bands we needed! Thank you for helping us- driving back 4 hours was not an option for us! Thank you ! Thank you!! Susie
            -- Susan Simons
            December 03, 2018
            My experience at Schmidt and Bruce orthodontics was amazing my teeth look perfect and the experience a was painless. The time I had with braces flew by at times I forgot I even had braces. If you are thinking about getting braces I suggest coming here for them.
            -- Xander Johnson
            December 04, 2018
            The experience of having braces as a teen is something most kids will always have and my experience with Bruce Orthodontics was great! I felt comfortable when I came in for appointments and always was treated great. In the end it was a long process but was defiantly worth it in the end!
            -- The Warrior
            December 05, 2018
            Great place and they get you in really quickly and at the time you want
            -- BE EliteGamer
            December 04, 2018
            The process took awhile but the end result when my braces were taken off was everything that I wanted!
            -- Samuel Johnson
            December 04, 2018
            The end product after you get them off is amazing my braces are perfect and that's because of Bruce Orthodontics.
            -- Mason Meisenburg